Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a Weekend!

Last weekend was quite eventful! We:

  • Had a visit from the Binky Fairy AND the Thumb Fairy on Friday night.

  • Went to the lake and even though the water was only 65 degrees, the kids swam and swam!

  • I had a reunion with 7 women I have been friends with FOREVER!

  • Had a big birthday party for Blake on Sunday afternoon.

OK, when I write it down like that, it doesn't look like much, but it was!

Avery and Blake are doing great without their thumbs and binkies. It has been harder on her than him... 5 years is a long time to suck your thumb! We are so proud of both of them :)

Funny moment to remember:

Blake had quite the uh, bowel movement on Sunday after his party. So amazing, that Daddy told him he must have lost 5lbs with that one, and proceeded to tell me that it was a "man-sized Poop". Awesome.

Fast forward to Monday as I am asking Avery how her visit to the pumpkin patch was that day. She said it was great and that she got a "man-sized pumpkin" because it must have weighed 5lbs! I almost died laughing at her reference. 10 minutes later, as I was carrying a sleeping Blake up the stairs to the Dance Studio, I remarked that Blake was quite heavy. Avery then said, "He can't be that heavy Mom. He lost 5lbs yesterday!" She cracks me up!

I will post some pictures from this weekend later today! Good times!

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